Challenge #02906-G349: Warmed in the Weave

The human was both engineer and bodyguard aboard a ship of havenworlders. In their down time, they enjoyed both knitting and crocheting. They had an old blanket that they'd kept from when they were a child and, when things went bad, it comforted them after the event had passed and the enemies were defeated. A way to calm themselves. Having an idea, they began to make small, soft, blankets, one for each of their havenworlder crewmates. After all, why should they be the only one to have something to grip when things went south? -- Anon Guest

Picture in your mind a handmade blanket. Someone, in a year long past, had not only spun the fibre with care, but also plied it, dyed it, then knitted it into an object made to warm a very small child. It has also been loved. The small child teethed on a patch of it. Sucking and biting and gnawing until there was a hole, which was patched by kind adult hands, knowing that the child loved that blanket.

It has been laundered a billion times. Stained by sundry mishaps. Ripped by accidental tension. Repaired by experts and amateurs alike. It is Human Juud's lifelong treasure, and has gone with them everywhere. This is their Snuggie, and it is their little piece of home and family that they take with them. Sometimes, Human Juud will talk about it as if it is alive. This is not surprising. Humans are famous for pack-bonding with inanimate objects.

It shouldn't be that surprising that Human Juud had learned how to make fibrecraft items for himself. He was, after all, out on his own without any other close family members to help him fix Snuggie when parts of it went the way of all material things. If there is any part of Snuggie that has been there since it was made, you could call that a miracle. But it is the nature of Snuggie that is the point. A material source of comfort and succour in rough times.

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