Challenge #02894-G337: Humane Accommodations

They were a killer. From the time they were young, they got into fights. It was almost daily. The first kill came when they were only 12, they couldn't stand bullies and the first one they killed was one of their parents. Why? The parent was cruel and often struck them and their younger siblings. From there, as they grew older, it was always the same. Someone would be a bully, someone would become cruel. They'd be warned, only once. Then out came the knife and that person would be cut down. As always which such individuals they were caught. It was found they were actually not an unkind individual. It was not that they were unintelligent, they knew what they were doing was wrong, but they refused to sit by and let things stand when it came to those that were cruel. For them, those that were cruel needed to die.

They were only 19 by then, but there was one path open to them. One path where that damaged psyche and angry heart could find the solace it needed. But would joining Pax Humanis help? Only time would tell. -- Anon Guest

It's universally agreed on Independence that some folks just need killing. While it's true, the disagreement is on which folks are the ones that need to be killed. Jay made up their mind at age five, when Pops started hitting on the baby because Momma was making a new one. Once a person was cut free of their momma, folks didn't much care about babies unless they were famous. Jay decided that if anyone had to care, it had to be them.

Because Pops wouldn't stop hitting on weaker folks, and nobody else gave a fig, Jay took matters into their own hand. One small number of sleeping pills covertly added to Pops' evening booze. One night. One knife. One half hour making sure Momma was locked into her room with the key they would find under Pops' pillow. Carefully arranged so that Pops' fingerprints were the only ones they'd find.

The real trick with killing on Independence was not just avoiding getting caught. It was a mix of that and going after the people that needed killing. At least according to popular opinion. It didn't do Jay any favours that they and Momma and the babies counted, if not as people who needed killing, then people who didn't really matter if they died.

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