Challenge #02805-G248: A Need of Dragons

They arrived from many places around the world, and yet, they all seemed to know how to get to the village. Those from other nations found funds and tickets to planes waiting for them, as well as all information they needed to get to that place. The ones already in that continent traveling on foot, by surprisingly convenient rides, by rail, etc., all the same, to find themselves on a wide, easily traversed, path into the forests. The strange thing is, the only ones that seemed to be able to even see the path were the children, some very young, some older, carrying eggs or young dragons with them.

The village was rustic looking and the people there seemed not only unconcerned at seeing so many that were still quite young entering the village, but any time someone asked where they were supposed to go, pointed to a road that lead to a large building that looked like a large, old-fashioned, boarding school. They would finally get answers to where they were going, who the dragons were, and learn their destinies.

Prompt from -- DaniAndShali

It had started as a heap on the brink of becoming condemned. Once, it had been a boarding school that promised a prestigious education for the mining town's social upper-class. It would, the builder promised, bring new business and prosperity. That dream died. Nobody came for a comprehensive education from kindergarten to college, with all the facilities one could want.

It was a landmark. The local kids went in its halls and spoke the names on the carved statues as a dare. Lee managed to buy it for a dollar at an estate auction. Her dragon, Elation, was already hunting the rats that had taken over the gloomy corners. It was a fixer-upper, but thanks to Uncle, she wasn't afraid of hard work.

She called herself Lee Draconis, now. And as it happened, her identity was part of an ongoing investigation since Uncle had no records of her birth. She was old enough to be naturalised regardless of her point of origin and had new paperwork to match her new life. An emancipated minor with an actual dragon by her side seemed to get a lot granted to them.

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