Challenge #02792-G235: Welcome to the League of Superlative Artifice

I liked the story about the Asian chef, who quickly made dinner from the would-be invaders.

I wonder what other adventures she and her crew would have?

Maybe their own version of a "beach episode"? Or perhaps the crew learn about a hobby she has, that she kept secret because she was embarrassed? Or maybe a new crew member arrives (he's a human too) and a love story arises?


I really enjoy every story you wrote :D -- Tom

[AN: Thanks. Please remember that I take stereotropes and turn them into MUTANT ABOMINATIONS. You're welcome. Also, Human Jin never made a literal meal of the attacking Vorax. She just ended them in a quick and efficient manner]

Havenworlds without intelligent life already in residence are usually claimed within seconds as Resort Worlds. They're treasured as shelter-optional destinations where even the deadliest Deathworlders and Havenworld species can both relax, unwind, and enjoy the scenery.

Of course, any resort will gather conventions. This was a fact that the crew of the Reckless Poker apologised for when they reached Bognor Nouveau. Jin did not react as they surmised. She gasped and said, "What kind of convention?"

"Uh," said Companion Lin. "It is for something called 'steem... punk'?" They then flinched as Human Jin squealed at a shocking volume and went running for their long-term storage units.

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