So Here's Teh PLN... (Day Zero)

Two new cases closely linked with a school (institution) and a hospital (also institution). Then there's that muggins from Victoria who got bagged by border control in Brisbane airport. Thanks, arsehat. Now an entire plane of people have to put their plans and lives on hold because you had to be an entitled git.

Onwards with Teh PLN because some of this nonse can't wait for one arsehat. I made myself a busy day. Just look at this:

  • Instant story
  • 100 words in KOSBOB
  • Wordpress Wednesday and the explanation of a bright idea I had
  • Phone call from Chaos' school to discuss a three letter acronym I can't recall the full form of
  • Dragging Chaos to the Doctors to fill in and sign some forms so the NDIS can be satisfied with everything. AKA Rounding Up Ducks [get in a row, quack quack quack...]
  • Somewhere in there, one more process of the Masks. Possibly ironing ready for folding. If I can get the folding in, too, then I am officially a champ

I may not have the time to spare to play in Satisfactory. Sigh.

Fun times are for after I've done the other nonsense. Heck, today, I might not have the time to find my own butt.

Tomorrow? I have more shenanigans with getting Mayhem to see a dude to get a diagnosis to take to the people who can help him get a job he wants [that lay in the house that Jack built, lol].

I'm just a humble duck-herder plyin' me trade...

Sigh. Best to be on with it then.