Challenge #02686-G129: Small Messy Disruptive Creatures

It goes about on all fours, eats kibble, and gets into the trash to chew on things. Is it a dog, or a human infant? The answer is yes. And in this instance, we're very glad it was the baby, because there was cocoa powder in the trash can, and she was chewing through garbage to get to it. -- Anon Guest

Human Diz was looking even more tired than normal, and they had been tired for almost a year, but this was more than the current average. Companion Thrys was aware that Human Diz had gained a cohabitator recently, and these levels of exhaustion were supposed to be normal, but certain facts had evaded Thrys' understanding. Such as the exact nature of the cohabitor.

Fact: There had been a monetary exchange involved in the acquisition of said cohabitor. This wasn't a guarantee of animal status because there were still civilisations that felt cogniscent trafficking was a decent source of income and this was in the Edge where such things were mostly legal.

Fact: The cohabitor was small and had peculiar sleeping hours. They also required Human Diz's constant attention as well as their mate, Human Lan's, for most hours of the day. This was also not a guarantee, as Humans started out very small and were attention-seeking as a survival trait.

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