I feel better about today

I didn't get my coconut milk, yesterday. I was just too darn exhausted to drive to Costco and get it. Beloved could drive me there, but I had to remain conscious for two further hours.


I fell the heck to sleep.

After a decent night's rest, I shall be venturing to the shops later on in the day. Costco doesn't open before ten and, now that I can stay awake until the afternoon, I shall do that and go get my firkin coffee amelioration. And maybe some extra coffee because I don't want to have to go shopping for another month.

I shall be spreading the word about polite PPE to any receptive party, but I won't stress about it unless asked.

We still don't have zero cases yet. Props to the Northern Territory who shut down hard and fast and are now opening after an entire month of zero cases. That, my dears, is how you do it.

Take firkin notes.

It's bus time, so I must be going.