Challenge #02685-G128: Little, Yellow, Different

She was heavy-set, had a constant cough, but otherwise was very quiet. The human that signed aboard the science vessel was younger than they'd ever had before as an officer. The only reason it had been allowed was her parents had signed a statement saying they agreed to allow her to go and all tests indicated that she could handle the job. Botanical scientist. Her friends always called her "botany geek", to which she'd smile, laugh, and then cough. When the medics asked about the cough, they learned it was due to scar tissue on her voice box from a very bad reaction to the immunoflu when she was 10.

They reached a planet where it was damn near a perfect haven for anyone to live. They set down the camp and began their work. She was more excited about the botanical life than any other it seemed, which was a relief to see at least ONE human who wasn't wild but, in fact, actually as curious about the science as they were. However, it was when she was out of sight for a short time, they realized, she wasn't coughing. The more she worked with an odd, tiny, yet heavily prevalent yellowish-green plant, the easier her breath seemed to come. This had seemed like such an unobtrusive little weed, and now, like the young human, it seemed to be more than it appeared. -- Anon Guest

"It's okay, I'm not dying," insisted the Human. "I'm just doing a remarkable impersonation. Promise." Her voice was rough, and she was not attractive by Human standards, but as the Alliance widened, appearance mattered less. Humans had some peculiar standards anyway[1].

"Are you well?" asked Nahang, who actually liked a softer Human for varying comfort needs. "Is there something we need to inform the ships' Medik about?"

"Uh. Not really. Not every immunoflu is a hit. I caught an early draught that was released by accident and it left some scarring on my throat and lungs. Breathing's tricky but not debilitating. Also I cough at the least provocation. There's relief medication, but it never lasts very long." Human Gis smiled. "At least you'll always know where I am." That positive, though correct, was not always positive.

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