Challenge #02684-G127: Winner Winner?

I don't know if this even a thing in other parts of Earth, but in my country very popular thing is eating cartilage from chicken legs just like every other part of meat. Foreigners are saying that this sound is the most disturbing one they ever heard. It's like very loud cracking bone.

What if herbivore heard this sound and automatically just started to look for predator in absolute terror? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Oh holy freaking Powers That Be, my daughter does this. She even chews on the bones. We got some extreme carnivores out my way.]

Adjusting to a new Ships' Human is always an interesting process. Interesting as in "interesting times" type interesting. Humans have an astonishing variety of personality types and an astonishing variety of personal quirks. Some will throw three random things into a pot and call it food, but will shun the idea of pineapple on pizza. That's just one example of the things Humans get randomly touchy about.

There only seem to be rules about this. Things like Don't mess with a Humans' loved-to-death soft toy might as well be written in stone, but there are also some Humans who don't take their beloved soft toys with them, and thus the trinkets they do take with them are therefore sacrosanct.

Food preferences are one of the things that cannot be predicted. Nonhuman members of the Alliance have learned to just leave Humans to do their thing. At least, this technique works most of the time. There's always an unexpected surprise with Humans, as Companion Thorq was busily discovering.

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