Challenge #02631-G074: Desperate Measures

You’re not wrong but I don’t want you to be right -- Anon Guest

Phryx stared at her Human companion. "Did you mean that to be confusing as it sounds, or are you having one of your verbal shortcuts again?" Verbal shortcuts were always a problem with Humans, especially on the Edge. They had ways of expressing themselves that were difficult to translate at best and needed a seminar to understand at worst.

"Oh. Right. Whoops. Okay. Brief version: Yes, we are going to die. You're not wrong there. Except, I want us both to die of a very old age and a long, long time after this entire clusterflakk is over." Humans could also be capable of some very economic means of communication, in this case, Human Qir encapsulated the entire, complicated battle for Science Base Netaan, featuring intermittent skirmishes, mad dashes for safety or improvised weapons, and surprise encounters with invaders who were lost in the labyrinthine halls as, This entire clusterflakk. "So yeah," ze said. "You're not wrong, but I don't want you to be immediately right. Got it?"

"Mostly," Phryx allowed. She checked what she could of the securicam feeds. Very many of them were down whilst Human Qir was messing around with wires, a keyboard, and a cable fed into hir livesuit helmet's HUD display. "Dare I ask what you're doing?"

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