In the annals of "that escalated quickly", we have:

  • Queensland closing its borders
  • Parents keeping their kids at home if they can
  • Schools remaining open for the parents that don't have anywhere else safe for the kids to go
  • People fistfighting THE ELDERLY for more TP than they probably need [yikes!]
  • Empty shelves... empty shelves everywhere
  • There's been mass layoffs and a subsequent mass run on firkin Centrelink
  • ...and in other news, I'm shifting where my stories go because Steem decided to censor stuff


Those of you using this site as my one-stop shop for my nonsense will note that the menu now has "Peakd" instead of "Steemit". I shifted off of Steemit as soon as I could because Steemit has decided that censorship is the way to go.

Everyone who reads my stories know that I have:

  • LGBTIAQ characters
  • Fancy, newer pronouns
  • Call-outs against the wealthy and privileged
  • a snoot cocked in the general direction of power

None of these are sympatico with the current state of fascism blooming globally. I expect to be censored at best and possibly lined up with the other discontents at worst. Therefore, I grab for whatever freedom is left and stick to my principals.

Beloved and I cooked steak and cauli mash for dinner. Just in time as the cauliflower I had was getting pretty soggy.

Today, sometime this afternoon, the family will be doing early voting so we won't be at the polls. Any gathering - even elections - are vectors for infection.

If you can postal vote or absentee vote - do that. Keep the risk of infection low.