Challenge #02561-G004: Soft Protection

Cuddly-Pie, Uplift, the name said it all, designed as an accessory/servant. now acts as Companion,Escort, Shield for those humans needing a Buffer and Shield when moving about or interacting with life. The Shield works both ways. -- Anon Guest

Augment -- a non-cogniscent species given cusp-cogniscence at a genetic level before gestation and training after birth in order to be an engineered assistive animal, usually sterile and made for assisting one person.
Uplift -- a non-cogniscent species given post-birth retrogenetic treatments and surgeries to give them cogniscent qualities. Many are not sterilised and are kept in indentures to ensure their progeny can become Uplifted like them. -- Galactic Alliance Definitions For Newcomers.

Augments are made for a function, Uplifts -once freed from servitude- can choose what they do. Cuddly-Pie chose to be a Shield. An Escort, protector, or companion for those who needed it. They expected to be escorting Havenworlders, and for the most part, that was their job. A safe and comforting barrier between more delicate species and the rest of the known universe.

What Cuddly-Pie hadn't expected was Humans who needed them too. It was something of a surprise to find one of their creator-species waiting in the comforting lounge for them. They were not small, and they didn't appear to be weak. They appeared to be an average human. Average brown skin, average dark eyes, average height, and average weight. What was not average was the way they curled up on themselves in a corner of the lounge, a large fluffy pillow clutched to the knees like a bulwark against the rest of the known universe. "Human... Jaime?" risked Cuddly-Pie.

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