This blog versus 750 words

So most of you who follow my Tumblr know that I've signed on to for the one month free trial. Unlike other 'free' trials, it doesn't require access to your credit card first, so that's an automatic win right there.

I also have had a cyclone headache for longer than 12 hours. I'm on painkillers now, but sooner or later, I shall have to cash in that prescription for panaforte or whatever it was with the codeine because cyclone season always grinds my niblets.

I firkin hate cyclone headaches. The only upside is the increased chance of rain. Rain we desperately need because - in case you haven't heard - my entire country is on fire.

Our allegedly glorious leader is calling for the populace to "adapt to the new normal" which apparently means getting rid of more trees and using more coal because those jobs are supposedly more important than basic human survival. Ugh.

At least he's starting to talk some strategy in regards to climate change goals, but he's prioritising -guess what- coal jobs! Yaaaayyy! Spoilers, he's actually prioritising coal money. He doesn't give a shit about anyone's actual job.

Bring on the next election. I can't wait to be part of the process to vote that fucker out.