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Challenge #03618-I330: Take Your Ease

They invented a life-saving device that causes them to earn Time almost into the centuries. First thing they do? Buy a planet to make it into a paradise retirement place, with all the latest technologies, and offer it as a free place for all who want to settle down and relax in their old age. -- The New Guy

Whatever happened to the smart aleck who invented the Hungry Caterpillar? The expected tale of corporate takeovers, imitators, and undercutting does not happen in the Alliance. Those who build a better mousetrap are applauded for their efforts[1]. And for the Human who first thought up the system of intercepting grapplers and disassemblers that was the Hungry Caterpillar?

They are doing just fine. Human Alik Farstryde made a fortune from the prototype, and gains residuals from the improvements on their machine. They pay their taxes without complaint, but they also run a sort of resort.

Orbiting a long-term star is a Havenworld with mild temperature, mild weather, and amazing sunsets. There's activities for the active, of course, but for the others...

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Challenge #02561-G004: Soft Protection

Cuddly-Pie, Uplift, the name said it all, designed as an accessory/servant. now acts as Companion,Escort, Shield for those humans needing a Buffer and Shield when moving about or interacting with life. The Shield works both ways. -- Anon Guest

Augment -- a non-cogniscent species given cusp-cogniscence at a genetic level before gestation and training after birth in order to be an engineered assistive animal, usually sterile and made for assisting one person.
Uplift -- a non-cogniscent species given post-birth retrogenetic

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