Challenge #02509-F319: Berry Small Problem

It's inevitable that one person's treat is another person's hallucinogen, especially when it comes to dealing with various species in the Galactic Alliance. There is a plant that, for most Galactics, it's no worse for them than a human having some chocolate. In fact, it's sweet fruit is quite popular. However, if a human eats some, it's inevitable the human will sit for hours completely blitzed. So while it's a treat for some, for humans, it's a potential medicine to help those with damaged minds. -- DaniAndShali

For every world, there is something that is harmless to the dominant lifeform, that can be considered toxic, dangerous, or hallucinogenic to other species. Sometimes, this happens for multiple species per world. Some species, though they can ingest theobromine, find the variant in terran Coffee to be hallucinogenic.

The same is true for Faraxian Dreamjuice and Humans. It's the Humans who call it Dreamjuice, despite the fact that it is available as a fruit in most ports of call. Blame First Encounter Syndrome[1] for the resultant grammatical landmines. The fruit, and anything imitating the fruit, is tightly controlled in Human spaces.

This, of course, has lead to a healthy black market, smuggling rings, and illegal trade in certain Faraxian saplings. Because if there's one thing in the universe anyone should not do, it's tell a group of Humans what they can't have. When something is valued and forbidden, crime becomes rife. Which is supremely ironic because, as drugs of choice go, Dreamjuice is fairly harmless.

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