Challenge #02454-F264: You're in Trouble Now

Newscast Breaking news!

Successful but peaceful Human colony world "Nirvana" a category 2.5 Deathworld, gifted to the humans for their contributions during the Acridith Incursion, has been attacked via Orbital Bombardment. Casualties are expected to be to be in the in the 10's of thousands, with the Injured numbering in the Millions.

The Vorax Empire has immediately distanced themselves from the atrocity and ,in a once unfathomable move, has offered aid, condemning the unknown aggressors for attempting to destabilise the most peaceful and prosperous period in galactic history. Humans are attending the colony world en mass, to render aid, medicine and shelter to survivors

All Heavenworlders are advised to avoid the region unless directly involved in the relief effort.

Humans as a species, while having a proclivity for war, have innate pursuit predatory abilities due to their Deathworlder evolution. Until now, Never had it been seen in the combined Allegiance, Vorax, or Human histories, a species wide predatory drive or hunt. Human scouting ships are are already tracking the distortion and slipstream wakes. -- Adam From Darwin

In retrospect, the Humans said, they really should have named the planet something like Asspit. Planetary colonies with optimistic names always have a bad end. This made absolutely zero sense to the Vorax, but that's Humans for you. The species with the widest reputation for battle, war, and sudden death of their enemies is also, by pure happenstance, the goofiest.

Nevertheless, Nirvana was burning. The Humans who settled there weren't stupid. They had prepared for cataclysm and most were warned in time of the bombardment. Those who weren't... well... there was still an unfathomable number of the injured, dead, and dying. There were still epic amounts of ruin. Nirvana's crops this year were craters, burning fields, and an atmosphere of despair. Whoever attacked couldn't have selected a better time than Cyclone Season, thus whipping all the atomised ejecta all through the atmosphere and threatening a Fallout Winter.

The Vorax, by now, knew which side of the bread the whipped lactate fats were on, and immediately offered help. So, too, did a large volume of Humanity's allies, and those who felt in their cores that they owed Humanity a favour or three. Help swarmed towards Nirvana. Large and small, those who had a duty, those who had an obligation, those who really shouldn't be there, all of them. Some who could do little more than carry things to where they were needed, or dole out rations, or roll bandages.

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