Challenge #02431-F241: Elements of Bad Design

The tailbone is virtually useless, a big target near our ass, not to mention the design of our spine is structurally fucked, AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE FOUR WISDOM TEETHS THAT I NEED TO BE SHATTERED AND EXTRACTED. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Don't get me started on my wisdom teeth. That was a horrorshow.]

If there was ever an argument against intelligent design, it is simply found in vestigial portions of anatomy and the troubles they cause. Just for example: The appendix, tailbone, wisdom teeth, and possibly the tonsils. Much that some doctors adore whipping out the gall bladder, it is still a necessary organ. At least, it is for the portions of the population who still consume animal-sourced foods.

Consider also the Human leg. For a majority of evolution, creatures did not roam around the scenery on two legs. The hip joint itself is a prime example of concatenating disaster chains working together to create a nominally functional joint. Just about every joint in a Human leg was initially for a different purpose and therefore, when applied to bipedal motion, are doomed to fail through lengthy use. See also: dislocated shoulders.

The ball joint is the worst of disaster joints to stick inside of a living being, yet most life on Earth has four of them. Humans, once evolved to brachiate, needed that flexibility, and now that flexibility becomes a literal pain in the anatomy. Then there's the entire mess that is the Human digestive system.

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