We have another game night tonight and I am excited to try some SOLID GOLD BULLSHIT that I've made up for this event. Basically, our crew is stuck without a clue and desperate to find the Macguffin that don't want to be found, so I'm'a try some Divine Inspiration to see if the DM is going to hand us a bone.

I have a whole ritual plotted out including a partial filk of this thing because serious bits should always be peppered with a little bit of fun :D

Whether or not the DM lets me get away with it is going to set a dangerous precedent, either way. I'll try not to rely on it too much, but my bullshit trinket has actually been used as a plot hook and I am so MF proud of myself about that one.

Both my little darlings are down with the same sickness. As Chaos recovers, Mayhem sinks, and I am praying like mad that I don't go down in a heap because that would be an absolute disaster. Organising support for that nonsense is HELL.

But I really should focus on my mandatory output for today: one Instant Story and 1K words in KOSBOB. Plus unfuckening the house.

Whoosh. Off I go.