Challenge #02429-F239: Fresh as the Day...

Due to a new find on Earth the whole Galaxy's is in a State of utter bafflement and confusion.

Even Scientists are clueless about the How.

One Human has Survived. Locked away deep underground in a sort of Cryogenic sleeping Cell, years before even the First Prototypes where built.

The Signs on the Pod says "Activated 2019. All Vitals normal. Beginning Waking-Procedure. T-24 Hours"

A Human still alive from before the Shattering. -- Anon Guest

The vault under the mountain was brilliantly engineered to stay intact despite the passing ages. It ran on a combination of geothermal, nuclear, solar, and wind power. It had backup systems on its backup systems. It had conditions on its conditions.

Nevertheless, when it was discovered and then subsequently breached - because there is no such thing as a locked box that a Human will not want to open - sensors and systems activated, and surviving displays activated.

For the record, a properly shielded CRT screen can last forever if it is made out of bulletproof perspex. All the partially broken ones showed the same display. It read, Cryosuspension chamber V12.87.12.3 Activated 13 Dec 2019. Dots crawled across the screen. Chamber breach detected. More dots. Atmosphere analysis complete. Beginning revival process. Further dots, then some incomprehensible technobabble. The bottom of the screen maintained the same information.

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