Thursday Again?

At least this time I had enough shit together to get the bins out before the early arrival of the rubbish peeps. Huzzah.

Everything else may literally fall apart but I have that handled. I've GOT this, and my knees are already grateful.

I've done things. I have things to do, and I might just have a handle on them. I got the Instant to get out there, and five hundred to one thousand words in KOSBOB to write... and that's it.

I also need to get coffee, seaweed, and kitty fodder. Two out of three come from Costco, and the third comes from Petbarn... and all of them will cost me honkloads of cashola. Bleh.

All this on top of a game night due tomorrow. Which also promises to be expensive because Game Nite Snacks. Fun times.

I hate running out of money. I hate having to dip into my reserves. I hate finishing the week on a negative. A lingering artefact of my life passage through poverty.

It's growing closer to time to move, and I've done little more than this blog.