Challenge #02389-F199: Be Prepared

There is always an outsider. One that, although they accepted the risks of space travel, are extremely hesitant to accept any OTHER risks. -- Anon Guest

The Humans have a very apt saying: There's always one. In this case, there's always one traveller who takes certain aspects of travel way too casually... and others way too seriously.

The livesuit was one of the best ones on the market. In-suit cleansing, bio-attachments, and necessary padding in silky comfort. The manufacturers bragged that a Human could live inside of one for all of their adult life, and looking at Human Jass within it? One could begin to believe it.

They were never seen outside of their livesuit. Not in the halls of the Tantalus, not in their home-away-from-home at Crossroads station. If they stepped outside of its protective shell to sleep in their quarters, nobody saw, since Human Jass chose not to share their space with a significant other.

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