Mo game, mo shenanigans

Game night is tonight. Tomorrow is bullet days for welding, building the metal bending brake, and finally doing those [EXPLETIVE] walkways. Once everything is together, it should be easy to finish.

Note the qualifier.

It SHOULD be easy to finish. But as a famous pantsless Australian politician once said, "Life was never meant to be easy."

I want to be a whirlwind of activity, but rando BS keeps getting in the way. At least THIS time, we might actually have all the matts we need to proceed. Yay.

I need to pace myself because today's like the longest day, and though I will be having fun, I will inevitably be wrecked by the morrow. The morrow in which I will still be wanting to do the things to make the things so we can have safe and happy kittycats.

After that mess is over, I demand a minimum of an entire weekend of sloth and luxury. With a kittycat or two using me as a butt warmer. Shitty food and shitty entertainment and lovely snuggly kitty to cuddle.

That's the dream.

I've cleared my goal of 15K this week on Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones so I have some of today to work on the ninth episode of Inter-Mission so my buffer zone is back to what passes for normal.

The next time I do a recording sesh, I have to write and record a new advertising spot for Anchor. That mob is bloody brilliant and I want to share the love to the point of giving them some free shill.

But that's later.

Now... I have a crook Mayhem to wrangle, a night to prepare for, and shenanigans to participate in. Fun times for all ahead.