Challenge #02359-F169: Noisy Air

"What was that sound?"

"Oh, it was nothing. I'm just haven't gotten a chance to eat yet."

"Your body makes threat growls when it is hungry!?" -- Anon Guest

Working with Humans has its own hazards. The most common of which is encountering something the Humans consider normal, but the rest of known civilisation considers strange, new, or frightening. In turn, every species has their own unusual features, functions, or quirks that set them apart from everyone else. It's why the very concept of polite rude questions exists[1].

Humans were insane. They were deadly. They were strange, indomitable, and unbelievably friendly. If one chanced to meet a Human who was cleared to come into physical contact with one, then it was an odds-even bet that that Human would try to pet one. They also had a habit of not mentioning things until they became an issue.

Such as the hostile noise emanating from the otherwise smiling and laughing Human Jen as they worked on processing with Companion Xoq. Xoq was initially confused, since the noise didn't match the rest of Human Jen's body language or tone of voice. Xoq knew that Human Jen was eager to answer rude questions by then and asked, "What is hostile noise?"

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