Challenge #02325-F135: Where the Mouth is

"That will never Work!"

"Bet you a (Insert Currency) that you can't."

"Be ready to lose that (Insert Currency)!!!" -- Anon Guest

If there is anything that a Human can be relied upon, it is their ability to take on ridiculous wagers and then win them. No matter how impossible the task. No matter how ludicrously low the bet. Humans will move galaxies to get those bragging rights. Even the tenderest and least offensive Havenworlder can goad a Human into action with, "Bet you can't do it."

It's so inevitable that it's practically a law of nature. Many amongst the Allied polities are campaigning to have it recognised as a natural aspect of Humanity. The law of Human nature. Any Human can accomplish the impossible if there is a bet to the contrary against them.

However, for every rule, there is an exception. The statistical outlier who should not be counted. The fly in the ointment of every statistician and surveyor everywhere. This one was called... Human Mark. Human Mark was well aware of Galactic goading techniques. Compared to most Humans, they were also remarkably cautious. In Mark's on words, they were, "not stupid, not expendable, and not gonna do it."

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