Challenge #02282-F092: The Downside of Being Adorable

Humans love of all things adorable. There is an earth-cat like humanoid race that comes asking for help, and after humans find out they purr and act like earth cats protect that race with extreme prejudice while also hiring them to just to groom them and hear the purring. -- Anon Guest

The Vrrrau are very different to the Meeyahndans. Though both are felinoid[1], their personalities and presentation are vastly different. The Meeyahndese evolved on the savannah, though a colder one. Their fur was short and close to their skin. The Vrrau, from a much colder origin, are significantly fluffier. They survived like the Meeyahndese did, through pack-like co-operation. They made being friendly their modus operandi.

Thus, when they needed help from the Humans, they knew all about various pack-bonding stratagems and use them for the benefit of all. They were stranded, needing, and in desperate need of some Deathworlders to help them with an otherwise impassable problem. They could hold their own, and survive for the now. What they needed was a way to move forwards and win out over just merely holding their own.

When they sent out the call, they sent it out in video as well as audio. So the Humans saw their voluminous, fluffy fur, their large, gem-coloured eyes, and heard their musical voices. The forces of telegenics won out and the Humans swarmed. Humans could never resist a cute, fluffy being. Especially one that had a slight speech impediment when speaking in GalStand.

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