It went hilarious

The crew managed to wipe out most of the goblins in town. Garsh is not a happy Bugbear. However, the two survivors are the two that he saved -one way or another- in earlier sessions. We'll see how that plays out.

That's not the funny part.

The funny part is when another party turns up. They're profit-motive folks and don't trust a party consisting of: Bugbear, Tortle, Dwarf, and Changeling [though Changelings are pretty rare on the ground and nobody knows she's a Changeling]. A truce is negotiated, though only the Dwarf, the Changeling, and the Half-Elf in charge of all the other Humanmen in the group actually know what it is.

Our party gets their party plastered, thanks to the eternally drunk Tortle with a Jug of Alchemy. They're all friendly for the evening... and then our Ranger decides to start some shit.

She shapeshifts into the spitting image of the Half-Elf leader of the opposition and goes to 'detain' the one woman who'd been hiding in the town... the goal was originally to infiltrate and cause strife. She takes this as "him" attempting to flirt(!) so our Ranger leaves, threatening her on the way, and then immediately shapeshifts into her to lead on the other guy.

Turns out she really was sick of his advances and fucking murders the guy.

That's what you might call the highlights of our shenanigans. There was other stuff, including a sort of burial for the six Goblins we slaughtered that night, and a big cauldron of Worg Stew. But those are the highlights.

Addendum: Beloved took Chaos and I out to see Shazam - it's just as much fun as I thought it would be. Now I really gotta work on a story,