Challenge #02221-F031: The Wager Motivation

Humans have a way of betting that causes the right people for a particular challenge to attempt what is at the time seemingly impossible.

An Inducement prize Contest like the "Ansari X prize" for making the first reusable private Spacecraft, or a Wager like the story of "Around the world in 80 days", even just friends and the ole "Hold my beer".

Humans strive to do the impossible because they like to win. It's in the DNA -- Adam from Darwin

The quickest way to change a Human's mind about something is the phrase, "Bet a [Currency Unit]?" or, "Bet you a [Currency Unit] you can." This will result in a sudden interest in making the protested event occur. Ridiculously small amounts of trade tokens can motivate Humans to extraordinary lengths.

The most extreme example was the Rout of Arctus XVII. Two installations were down and the third was in peril. Half the survivors didn't have livesuits and the team Human was out of their depth. The attacking Szarkys had been shooting down every escape pod launched and there was only one left.

"They take ten minutes to aim," said Gorz, the surviving doctor. "If we could somehow supercharge the launch vehicle..." Ze looked. Their Human was already shaking their head. They had the look of a Human who was giving up. "And I bet you five Tharrok that you can."

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