Back on the Wagon

Beloved is continually tempting me with treats on weekends. I succumbed to temptation and got a caramel-sugar sundae the other day.

Yesterday? Didn't have too much at all. I've fallen more or less into the habit of having one meal a day, with the occasional allowance for snackadoos.

My usual meal is one steak with an option for camembert and figs1 or my pickled strawberries and mascarpone if the steak in question is beef. For pork steak, I eat more of the pork fats, so I stay away from the cheeses.

Variations include allowing myself a sugar-free jelly once a day, and perhaps a square of 90% cocoa chocolate for that afternoon theobromine boost.

Yesterday, though, it was coffee and figs with cheese, then chicken broth with cream. Pretty much it. Didn't feel like anything else. Not the recommended procedure for the daily, as nutrition is a vital necessity. I plan on getting back to that today.

In other news, I got a speeding ticket for my trip to Friendo's on New Years'. I was doing 97 because I thought it was a 100 zone when it was actually an 80 zone. Mia culpa. Mia also hoping that the non-obvious speed sign for ages may help but I doubt it.

I will be working on amending my behaviour somehow because this will be three points off my licence. But first I gotta find a JP to help me sign the paperwork and blablabla. Busier day ahead. My fault.

Mayhem has decided to be late to school because reasons? I don't get it but... his decisions, his consequences. His loss.

I did not need that emotional weight today. Buggerit.

  1. Two dried figs eaten with a proportional amount of camembert cheese. I find it delicious. YMMV