Challenge #02216-F026: The Boredom Compulsion

This rumination on Queen's three types of songs, as seen by aliens trying to understand these odd Deathworlders. -- RecklessPrudence

If there is anything to cause the Human brain to skip a few gears, it's listening to The Prophet's Song followed by Fat Bottomed Girls. Both are clearly sung by the same man. Learning that both are written by the same man just makes the disparity more obvious.

One is a philosophical piece about those who foresee doom down the road and how they are treated by the general populace. The other is a diatribe in appreciation for ladies who have large buttocks. Even a novice could tell them apart. Then the hypothetical listener hears something like Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon. Frivolous, light and a seeming relic of an era long bygone before its author's lifetime.

It's at this point that the listener might wonder what the flakk was up with this one being of talent. Others would use him as a prime example of Human unpredictability and capriciousness. The truth, closer to the bone, is that those with a capacity to create have their emotions as a co-author at all times. Even the most serious creators just want to doodle around and have fun with what they do.

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