Crosswired Again?

I remembered... then forgot... that today was the Cleaning day. On the plus side, I got all my writing done in good time. On the minus side... I spent a majority of the day fretting about the cleaning.

I'm not up to doing anything on my pet projects, yet and that's okay. Working out my time windows is part of the process. Re-enforcing HAM is definitely part of it because fretting about time is one of my biggest ways to waste time.

My life is an exercise in practical irony.

I might constrict my game construction to one day out of my weekends until I can fit it in during my week. We'll see how and if that flies.

Place your bets against my scatterbrained self right now, my peeps.

For now... it's almost time for the brat run. Is Mayhem ready to roll? I don't know and I have to stay calm about that.