Challenge #02135-E306: It's a Bit Like Bognor

Humans have 3 states of existence. Yes, No, and hold my drink. -- Anon Guest

Thax had never met a Human before, but it was highly advisable that she get one for her expedition into the Edge Territories. The information available was... incredibly scant. Well. The information that wasn't also attached to an offensensitivity warning.

Humans have three states of existence, it said, Yes, No, and "Hold My Drink". They were Deathworlders, but they were also classed as "Mostly Harmless" until provoked. There was a long and boggling list of things that could provoke Humans, ordered from most likely to least likely to cause a hostile reaction.

Having read only twenty percent of it, Thax decided to have a bodyguard for her meeting with her potential bodyguard for her journey into more hazardous territories than Whaddahell Station.

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