Here's today's PLN

First: do my work stuff.

Second: change up my Ko-Fi so my goal is New Dishwasher.

Third: add photography of the air con so ppl can marvel at it

People who visit my Ko-fi page can already see my latest haircut, by the way. I can't afford to give these folks money so that photos aren't limited to people who pay to see it. Weird how that works.

Meh. I'm just going to keep being careful about what I choose to share.

Where was I?

Fourth: go out to get some carbage treats to have my Feast Day(tm)

Much as I love Hägen Däz and cheesecake... I am in the mood for some low-end carbage. Big ol' packet of chips and some of that jam doughnut ice cream and the biggest firkin bottle of fizzy water that I can lay my hands on. Or two of those. Just... cheap shitty food.

It's been a while since I bogarted an entire packet of jaffa cakes. It's been a while since I had microwave popcorn. It's been a while since I've had a ginormous packet of chippies.

I shall attempt to restrain myself, but if I find a packet of Jersey Caramels in the Aldi's, I'm gone.

The rest of my day shall be filled with Critical Role and intermittent dozing.