Challenge #02076-E252: Omniphobia

"You said it wouldn't be scary this time!"

"Technically I said it wouldn't be a monster. "

"It's a dragon!"

"I stand by my statement!" -- OohLookShiny

[AN: This is before they meet and rescue Marvin in Dirt's Worth]

Wraithvine mentally ticked 'dragon' off the list of beasts that ze could make hir phantom steed appear to be like. The problem was that Kobolds like the freshly-renamed Chrysanthemum were renowned for their craven cowardice and apparently terrified of every possible mount they could both use. The poor little rogue was even terrified of an Elven Riding Deer, notorious herbivores, all of them.

"Make it go away," Chrysanthemum wailed.

"Now if I do that, I've burned the spell slot for nothing," said Wraithvine. "You could make this quicker by naming an animal you like... Something you're not scared of?"

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