Challenge #02043-E219: Through th' Crack's Mirror

Humans had lost against the Fae. The Orcs, and Fairies, Gnomes, and Centaurs, all the "mythical" creatures had banded together and drove us to near extinction. But unlike us, they weren't monsters. We had after all started the war. And the small group of survivors, stripped of magic, were sent to a reality where no natural magic existed. Banished to the fringes, that's where our stories came from, an attempt to keep the history before alive. And remember the times that the odd curious Fae King would come to check on us, challenge us, test us, see if we had changed. -- The Pirate

Tyr Na'Nog tells stories of Humans. Legends. Tales of the Old Times when the Xenophobia Wars raged and these magic-less apes were the most dangerous creature in the world of many. They had short lives, but they learned fast. They learned from the worst of things that happened, and grew unbelievably strong. They bred fast. They made tools that could work as well as magic.

Some say that the Gods made Humans as a joke. And like so many jokes, they were unintentionally painful. They could not unmake what they had made. They could not eliminate Humans completely from the world. So all the intelligent creatures, large and small, banded together. A type of Pax Humanis. Dragons worked with Dwarves. Elves worked with Gnomes. Centaurs and Gryphons and Faeries grouped their skills.

Together, they made a door. And washed the Humans through it in a gigantic flood. So the stories say. Tan'reath found it unlikely that such creatures existed, and had the gall to doubt his teacher openly. That was when Ul'daath the Wise took him to the Library of Horrors. Where the Mirror to the Otherworld rested.

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