Day Off, Day On, Day Off...

Today, everyone is back to the grindstone. Assuming there aren't the massive amounts of sickies being chucked because who wants a week like this, right?

If there's ever a campaign to make the entire Ekka Week a holiday, I'm in. Just because of this shit.

My little darlings are both ready to rock and roll. Which makes a pleasant change from the death scenes of the week prior. Mayhem continues to claim he's cured and we're all working hard to get him back on a balanced diet.

He still finds vegetables abhorrent, so we're still mooshing them up real fine and hiding them.

Tonight, though, I am doing a Green Fry. Because I want to use up the Wombok and the bok/pak choi that's going limp in the veggie crisper. The kale may be a lost cause, but I'll see what -if anything- can be salvaged.

I also need to get money, I need to get some fruits for miss Chaos' lunchbox, and I need to clean the house. Not a fun schedule, today.

Financially, I'm doing... small amounts of better. Though Bitcoin is still doing it's small-child-on-a-trampoline impression [bouncing, but not that high or in any way exciting] I am actually selling some of my books.

Someone, somewhere, paid for Amity and the remainder of the Hevun's Child series. Huzzah.

And then someone somewhere else paid $0 for all of the Instants anthologies. Boo. Each one of those is a year of my work. Shame on you. OTOH, it's illegal for me to profit off of fanfic, so...