Challenge #01942-E118: Made Great Again

Mouth on Legs politicians willing to promise anything or come up with grand schemes to get elected. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I need an image of Google Search asking "Did you mean Donald Trump?" Nonny - I write fiction. Nevertheless, I'll give it a go.]

It was going to be a bold new era. Things were going to change. The rich would pull their weight in the economy. People were going to have the playing field both leveled and cleared. No child would go hungry. No home uneducated. Socialised medicine would become the norm. And everyone would have the right to control what happens to and inside of their body.

Lies. All lies.

It took less than an hour after their chosen leader for him to betray them. Government benefits were taken from the poor and given to the rich. The free lunch program was banned. People who gave food to people who couldn't afford to pay for it were jailed for criminal misappropriation. People attempting to be more ecological were jailed for interrupting the flow of business. Houses and cars were repossessed. People were thrown out into the streets, and then jailed for being homeless.

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