Here's the PLN

I do my writing duties, and then I gather together the bits and bobs for Cauli Cakes just... make those for however much time I've got before the brat run in the afternoon.

Cauli cakes take a while to do because they're a slow cook. Even little pan cakes in egg rings take ages because you have to cook the cauliflower in there. Which also makes certain that the bacon bits in there get cooked too. Twenty firkin minutes per pan cake.


Lot of effort and a lot of time for a lot of cakes that end up lasting a good fortnight for Chaos' lunchboxes.

And I managed to successfully conceal one leaf of kale and one large floret of cauliflower in Mayhem's Special Vegetables. Success! I'm currently hoping that he's going to get real bored of two ladles of soup every evening before he has the meats and decides to try the rest of the family's veggies.

When this batch runs out, I'm adding zucchini to the mix. More cauliflower, maybe a second leaf of kale. Soon enough, it shall be more Other Veg than carrots.

Cue evil laugh.

At the peak of all this, I'll make a veg medley that's exactly what he's been sucking down as soup, and encourage him to try chewing for a change. He refuses because he hates all that stuff, and I'll be like: "You didn't hate it when you drank it, just then."

Pretty sure this is a mouth feel thing. Mayhem doesn't like raw mushrooms, but he'll accept them once they've been cooked. My muggins doesn't like to chew unless he's got meat on his plate. Sigh.