Oh shit, it's Thursday

Amazing how the week flies by.

I got some more cleaning happening, today. And this is after cooking up a whole mess of Cauli Cakes for Chaos.

On the pro side, I have at least a fortnight's worth of cakes from one and a half heads of cauliflower. On the no side, I have a fuckbunch of washing up because making cauli cakes gets intense.

On the super pro side, I got Beloved to cook us up some cheeseburger soup, which sounds gross but tastes firkin delicious. And this is the first time in history that Mayhem has eaten around a carb. The recipe calls for a swede which, as a root vegetable, contains the dreaded carb. But the whole thing only uses one fist-sized little sucker, so the whole thing isn't drastically polluted.

Today's the day that I have to pay my firkin car rego, and the website just... refuses to let me in to do that. See, Qld Roads never sends me a bill for the damn thing, so I have no reference number to use. And no Bpay deets either.

Which means I have to go through the official site to pay for the use of my car. Said official site keeps me blocked from access and I might have to do the unthinkable:

Call them on the phone.

Ugh. Terrible.

BUT... if I can't do this thing by ten, then I can't do this thing on time, and a phone call is necessary.


At least the phone call might get things moving. I hope. This is the last day it's legal for me to drive my firkin car.