Challenge #01882-E058: Flakk it

After having done something stupid and dangerous to escape a hazardous situation At the time it seemed like a good idea. Afterwards, it's a miracle that it worked without killing us all. -- Anon Guest

It takes a special kind of human to be the Ship's Human in a war zone. Crew need quick thinkers, Luckers of a certain calibre, and those with rapid improvisational skills. Or, as it was known amongst the Humans, "MacGyvering the shit out of things."

Human meme culture is strange, labyrinthine, and difficult to interpret into GalStand. Many do not try.

Reese "Flakkit" Jones was one of those humans. They had been on fifteen ships in as many GalStand Months, and the reason for their nickname becomes increasingly obvious the more time they spend on a vessel. This was ship sixteen. They were slowly leaking atmosphere, low on power, and facing their death through the pirates they had been trying and failing to fight.

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