An Experiment

I have followed my dear family's advice and bookmarked the bajillions of browser tabs that I used to have open.

If this turns out to be the thing that was clogging my compy, then I shall publicly label myself a derpy derpington from derpton who derps all the live long day. Because I would be a massive derp.

The plus side of this being that I would then have $4K AUD to put towards a new lappy. Yay.

Which, in turn, would mean that I only need $1K more for the pristine lappy of my dreams. Double yay.

If this is NOT the case... At least I know it wasn't my browsing habits that broke my compy. And I have my startup limited to three windows with a whole bunch of tabs in them. Keep in mind that this is coming from "Twenty Windows" McGee, over here.

Window 1: Essential blogging/writing stuff - 17 tabs
Window 2: Stock picture source - 3 tabs
Window 3: Essential social media stuff - 20 tabs

And I have identified my problem - I look at stuff and think it's essential and I wind up with 20 million obsolete google search tabs left scattered around the landscape.

I shall be endeavouring to kick that habit. Pretty hard.

There's a new Adventure Zone episode up on the InterWebs, and I plan on indulging when I am done for the day. A little reward for virtue-izing myself.

And in health news, I'm feeling a little off. My paranoia says that this is yet another Chicken Pox Apocalypse but I'm waiting for the inevitable fever and rash. Time will tell.

And it is now past time for me to do the daily thing.