Challenge #01875-E051: Earth's Deadliest...

“Humans? We are the most dangerous animal on earth. Not shark, not bear, not anything else. Us. Other animals, they kill when they need to, and only then. Kill for food, or for protection. We kill when we think we need to, kill when we want to... It is not the same.” -- Anon Guest

Humans are dangerous. The Galactic Alliance knows this. Having seen human transmissions, both of fantasy and fact, they know that humans are indomitable, hazardous, and insane. But they are still learning how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In the Galactic Alliance, Humanities has an entirely different meaning.

Reports come in, as they always do, about the human culture. This one comes with ominous words. The most dangerous thing to humans is other humans. File after file comes in. Domestic abuse. Serial killings. Mass shootings. Abductions. Torture. Religious extremism. Fighting for peace.

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