We're travelling this weekend, and all my faithful readers here will know that I do not travel well. It's a long way to Bundaberg, and we will be staying overnight.

So therefore, I will be a wreck by Monday.

If I'm driving, we will be listening to MBMBAM, pronounced, M' bimbam. And short for My Brother, My Brother, and Me another brilliantly hilarious podcast by the Brothers McElroy. They take daft questions from the interwebs and turn them into ridiculous answers. It's really worth a google. Look it up.

If I'm not driving, I will be working on assorted fun things, probably via my phone... and possibly listening to MBMBAM if I can get away with it, because these days, you can't listen on your headphones and charge your device unless you have a bifurcated dongle. And I'm told those are painful.

Anyway, I have things set up so that I can blog and do most of the other things. What will not be happening is the Blasts From My Past, over on Steem. Those require access to the master file. If I can set them up for today, tomorrow, and Monday, I will. But if I lack the time, I lack the time, and there will be a gap.

Queensland Rail apologises for the inconvenience. And so do I.

Meanwhile, today's story will be the first in a long time that will be produced and promoted entirely on my lappy. Yay?

Best get on with it before others demand my time.