Challenge #01830-E006: The Important Stuff

When two humans have animosity between them, their crew mates get very nervous. Just yesterday, Human Marty discovered Human Seth was attempting a mating ritual with their offspring... -- Anon Guest

[AN: One of the good things about my future is that Pedophilia is eradicated on all but a few, really skeevy colony worlds. And those ones have an underground railroad thing going on to make sure the perversion dies out. Also -dear Nonny- I do not appreciate the implication that gay people want to adopt/child-rear just to indulge in said perversion.]

"Powers damn it, Seth! I knew you needed therapy, but this? This is flakking sick. What were you even thinking?"

"It's a rite of passage, Mars! She's got her blood, and needs a caring parent to initiate her in the ways of womanhood."

"She's twelve!"

"Since when does that matter? My aunty had hers done at five and she turned out fine."

Mel hid with the others, the Taz'drassi crew, behind the biggest piece of furniture in the room. Her eyes were wet and she was holding one of the more robust crewmembers for comfort. Her face was red and her entire body was trembling. Mel didn't like this one little bit. Neither did any of the Taz'drassi who had taken her little family in as ships' humans.

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