Challenge #01766-D305: The Dog in the Fight

So in the Human are the Space Orcs, it looks like we are on a level 3.5-4 Deathworld. This makes us fairly B.A.. However there are references to creatures from level six Deathworlds. What happens when they meet? Do humans feel threatened by them, are humans just the perfect mix of craziness and inability to die that the level six deathworlders are just scaredy cats, do they replace the humans, or have humans finally found an alien species they can play rough with. -- Aer

The Vorax had always been a problem. They went where they wanted, took what they wanted, and didn't leave much behind. Only the most destructive of weaponry or the widest of gulfs stopped them from going further.

It didn't take long for Galactic Society to realise that there was one species that the Vorax preferred to avoid. Humans.

The humans were only level three point five deathworlders, but no-one could guess that by how they behaved. Stories proliferated and exaggerated as they went. Humans seemed to be far frailer than the Vorax, but they didn't fight like they were. This was a species that would use its own vessels to immolate the enemy. A species who made weapons that rendered any and all contested resources into poison. A species that could pull victory out of the mouth of defeat. And then kick defeat's teeth in.

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