Challenge #01759-D298: Hazardous Associations

An unknowing (group of) alien(s) tries to take a human as a pet, thinking ‘It’s small and cool-looking.’ Problem is, Humans are to them as velociraptors are to humans. -- TheDragonsFlame

It was quadrupedal and had no bowel control. It had to be an animal. That was the reasoning that lead to Heatstone becoming a pet in the first place. Cho'nish frequently bragged to her friends that Heatstone was a rescue pet. They had hir in simply terrible conditions. And the training was going so well. It was so cute. Heatstone thought ze was people.

Ze was such a cuddler. Which was great when the nest heater failed. Heck, they saved so much on the power bill. Just snuggle up to Heatstone on the awful, chilly, stormy days. But it was weird, Cho'nish said. Heatstone was starting to imitate her. Walking on two legs. Doing hir business in the bio-pit. Ze was even... babbling.

Heatstone was such a curious pet, too. Into everything. Cho'nish had to make locks for the storage arenas where the hazardous things were. And she had to put guards on all the power outlets. But all the other maintenance tasks were so... enjoyable. And Heatstone keeps... growing.

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