These things are sent to try us. They're nasty things. Horrible things. Draining things.

Capt S. had her wallet stolen. Victim blaming would say it was her fault for leaving it out in the open. I say it's the fault of the shitheel bitch that decided to lift it instead of being a stand-up citizen. And more so the fact that womens' clothing has no pockets for wallets, and there are few and inconvenient alternatives.

I want to make up a care package for her. A convenient purse, or even a bum bag. A new wallet replete with two special baby photos [people are more likely to return a wallet with baby photos in it]. And a modicum of cash.

Problem - I don't know if I can afford that. If we can afford that.

If necessary, I can dig into the emergency fund to do this. Because emergency... but that's going to put me back somewhere in the ballpark of $300. So long, farewell, adios to my imminent hopes of the New Compy.

Win some, lose a lot.

Family is more important than my goals.

So all I can do is say, "Guys, I really need your help now more than ever," and hope for the best. I need more Patrons at any level of donation. Even a dollar a month is welcome.

Every little bit helps.