Challenge #01718-D257: Where Angels Fear

[Name] is a professional adventurer/planet saver with extremely acute hearing. The other speaker is their much calmer and more logical, though not necessarily smarter, best friend)

[Name] buried the pillow over their head and groaned.

“I can’t tell if those are gunshots or fireworks,” they whined.

“Do not be silly, [Name]. Fireworks are illegal on this planet.” -- RecklessPrudence

There's a reason why Iman Goodboy spends most of her time in her livesuit. She could control how much of the surrounding volume got to her. She's a Nufurria expatriate, part bat, part wolf, and one hundred percent my friend. Most people who know me know why my nickname of 'Ghost' fits like a glove. Some people are the quiet types. Me? I'm so quiet and bland that I can usually infiltrate places by walking through the front door. Iman can hear me, but I'm... comfortable for her.

Everything else... isn't.

Poor Iman was made to be a soldier, but Nufurria was rediscovered and then sanctioned just after she was born. Excitement-seeking behaviour is literally in her DNA. So when she was given her freedom payoff, she got to derring-do as soon as she could. She's got quite the reputation, now. Almost a decade later. But sometimes? People do not want her saving the day. That's what happened at the colony known as Freedom.

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