Running my arse off

Mayhem is a bit crook,so Miss Chaos is going to scenic Coominya to spend some time with her Nanna solo.

The travel arrangements are a teeny bit convoluted, but I will take anything that results in me not being tired off my arse for a lonely drive home.

...which is why I'm writing this blog entry at twenty past four in the morning.

Also because there's bad weather coming and I can feel it in the right side of my face. There's a cyclone brewing or a hurricane coming and my face is hurting because of the septum straightening I got years ago is sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure.

I used to have a good, half-hour forecast in regards to incoming rain. Now I have a pretty decent three-week forecast in regards to oncoming cyclones. A space of time that my face hurts preceding the event.

Already crabby. Already tired [4AM, remember?]. Already prepared to NOT go to scenic Coominya myself because crabby and tired and I really don't want another argument with Nanna about how I'm doing everything wrong because I'm not doing what she's doing.

I just want to curl up and do a lot of nothing, today.

But I can't. So I'm getting on with my work.