Challenge #01680-D219: Rockit Launch 'n' BBQ

Actual thing said over the ruins of a test engine that had found a new fuel mix too spicy for it: "Whall, rocket fuel is kinda like a chain saw. If it warn't dangerous, it wouldn't be very useful." -- RecklessPrudence

People make assumptions. That much was natural. You see the way someone dresses. You hear the way they speak. You assume things about the rest of them. Most of those things are wrong. Katie Walker had learned this and used it to her advantage. Keeping her Welsh accent was part of it. So was wearing Mary Janes and the socks with the frills on top. Combined with loose jeans and a nerdy shirt, it threw everyone off their guard.

And then she met Professor Eugene Skrunk. She was lost. He was taking rocket parts out of a trailer covered with warning stickers. He said, "Hey, li'l lady? Y'all got a minute."

He talked like he'd just had a big ole helpin' of 'Momma's Possum Surprise Stoo' and washed it down with a quart of genuine moonshine. On the other hand, he dressed like the biggest nerd on the planet. Black-rimmed spectacles and all.

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