A Good Morning

We stayed up late, last night, installing things on Chaos' new PC. So I'm operating on a few hours' sleep. OTOH, the kids got up early and got ready early, and then Beloved helped out with the finishing touches.

I still had to teach them how to do it, because Beloved is more of a programmer than a hairdresser.

I have run out of stuff to take to St. Vinnies. This is an immense relief for me as I no longer have bags or baskets of random crap clogging my hallways.

Beloved has begun sorting through the boxes of their crap, so there's a foreseeable future in which there is little, indeed, to clog anywhere.

So I have started today tired, but with an immense atmosphere of pure and utter relief. It's a joy.

And I hope the sensation stays.

We're seeing a movie, tonight. It's been so long that I've forgotten which one we're seeing. Derp.

I love it when things work out. Fingers crossed they continue from now on.